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Fostering Growth Through Collaboration: Join Us in Building Strong and Sustainable Partnerships for a Better Tomorrow


TCOGA extends its sincere appreciation to the Department of Education and the local schools that have been actively engaged with our gardens over the past several years. We deeply value our partnership and collaboration with these educational institutions. 

These schools from across Toowoomba have contributed to our gardens in various ways, participating in educational programs focused on gardening, sustainability, and the importance of community collaboration. Their involvement has not only enriched our members’ knowledge and skills but has also positively impacted the overall development of our gardens. 

We would like to extend a special thanks to those schools that have dedicated their time and resources to participate through their volunteering program. Your ongoing support through volunteer hours has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects within our gardens. 

The commitment and enthusiasm of these schools exemplify the spirit of community engagement and learning, and we look forward to continued collaboration, growth, and shared achievements in the future.  


The Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens Association (TCOGA) is thrilled to announce our partnership with the esteemed University of Southern Queensland for the creation of a website that epitomizes our core values and aspirations. Our vision is to cultivate a digital space where individuals of diverse abilities unite, championing well-being, eco-friendly urban landscapes, and lively communities through sustainable organic gardening practices.

Our collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland ensures that this project is in capable hands. Their expertise and dedication will lead to the creation of an engaging, intuitive website that amplifies our mission. We anticipate a seamless user experience that mirrors our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability.

Queensland Water and Land Carers

We extend our thanks to the Queensland Water and Land Carers Association (QWaLC) for their unwavering support of TCOGA. Their ongoing commitment to providing our annual insurances is truly invaluable to TCOGA. 

QWaLC’s support not only helps ensure the sustainability and security of our operations but also allows us to focus our resources and efforts on our core mission and community initiatives.

Toowoomba Regional Council

We want to express our gratitude to the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) for their pivotal role in the establishment and continued existence of TCOGA. Without the generous provision of the area within Goggs Street Park by TRC, TCOGA simply would not exist. 

Partnerships and support like this are the lifeblood of TCOGA, allowing us to carry out our mission and bring our community initiatives to life. The collaboration with TRC exemplifies the power of working together to create positive impacts within our community. 

We deeply appreciate the TRC’s ongoing support, which has been instrumental in our growth and success. We look forward to continuing this partnership and further enhancing the well-being of our community through our shared efforts. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. 

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